Noosa – Sunbathing, Surfing and Shopping (well.. just window shopping actually)

I love Noosa. The vibrant boutique and coffee shop filled Hastings Street sandwiched between the beautiful azure waters of Main Beach and wondrous National ticks all my boxes for the perfect beach getaway.


After disembarking the bus I ambled up to Nomads Noosa – the hostel in which I would be staying for my 3 nights in Noosa. Having never stayed in a hostel before I really had no idea what to expect. Checking in was relatively straightforward and I was handed the key to my room (Room 9). I had assumed that I would be told which bed I’d be sleeping in so was slightly confused at first, even more confused when I opened the door to find the room almost pitch black and 3 people asleep on 3 of the 8 beds given that it was 4pm. I guess this was my first introduction to backpacker life – staying out all night and sleeping all day. Seems pretty similar to uni. Out of the remaining 5 beds, 4 were covered in clothes so it became pretty obvious that the remaining bed was mine. after about half an hour my 3 sleeping roommates emerged, Liz, Rasmus (Raz) and other boy who’s name I can’t remember, they were the kindest people and very welcoming. They were all from Sweden but travelling independently and had only met each other the night before.The hostel was offering a free BBQ with the purchase of any drink that night, so, being the thrifty backpackers that we are, we took advantage of this (kind of) free food. The rest of my evening was spent playing card games with Raz, the other Swedish boy and two English guys Joe and Kit – perhaps the most friendly and animated guys I have ever met, they were a lot of fun to be around.


My first full day in Noosa was spent conquering the Everglades. Raz was on this trip too so it was great feeling like I knew someone already. After racing along in a 20 person speedboat gazing at sea eagles, Richard Branson’s Island and a small floating house, we arrived at the Everglade information centre for a quick morning tea whilst never taking our eyes off the ground for too long. We had been warned to look out for snakes. Another hour or so in the boat and we reached our stopping point for lunch – a delicious Aussie style BBQ. During this time we decided to go for a dip in the water. The reason the everglade rivers are so dark is that they are filled with tea tree oil. As a result plunging into the water is a little unnerving as you can only see about foot deep and knowing Australia, any venomous creature could be lurking in the depths. We did survive, and I met several friendly girls from Devon, Cornwall and Manchester bonding whilst overcoming our fear. Following lunch we canoed back to the information centre. I now know that canoeing is not my strong point. Rasmus, the girl from Devon and I arrived a full 20 minutes after everyone else, but we did take some lovely pictures so it was worth it.

In the evening, I was pretty exhausted from my long day out but still managed to find myself in the hostel ‘club’. It really did feel more like a school disco and the music wasn’t great but nonetheless I still had a great night with Liz and her friends. One thing I have noticed is how friendly the majority of the backpackers I’ve met have been. I guess that exploring an amazing country such as Australia would put anyone in a good mood and also the fact that a lot of people do travel on their own means that they’re much more open to meeting and getting to know new people. I love it.


Day 2 and I decided to explore solo.
I started my day with a morning walk along the beach – one of my favourtite things to do. I love the serenity of the more secluded parts of the beach but Noosa does get very busy. Unsurprisingly given its beauty. I walked back along Hastings St where I couldn’t help but nip into a couple boutique shops. Bow and Arrow caught my eye in particular, the outfits on the mannequins in the shop window were phenomenal – as were there price tags sadly. I still couldn’t stop myself from trying on a couple of pieces though and one of them I really fell in love with but I am in no position to be buying expensive clothes. My money is saved strictly for travel and food

Embracing my adventurous side, I ventured up into the National park – it was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagined. The views from the boardwalk, framed by the leafy green trees looked as if they were from a dream Island getaway brochure. Upon seeing a cluster of people gathered under a tree, I glanced upwards to see my first ever koala in the wild. I did try to photograph it, but it turns out that a koala perched in shadowy trees can only be interpreted as a greyish blur on an iPhone camera. En route back to the hostel I stopped at Tea tree bay to cool off. Tea tree bay is much more secluded and majestic than Noosa beach, much more my kind of beach.

Once back at the hostel I joined my new roommates Helen and Jay from England for dinner and we chatted about uni and our adventures so far before heading back to our room for an early night. Like everyone I have met so far, Helen and Jay were so chatty and fun to be around – I feel so lucky to have had such good roommates.


Day 3.
I left the hostel whilst everyone was still in deep sleep to meet Badge (my cousin who lives in Noosa) for a surf. I was super excited as surfing has been on my bucket list for so long and although I have been to Australia and on other various beach holidays multiple times, I still had yet to try it. Excitement overruled my slightly apprehensive approach which was mainly fuelled by my fear of being attacked by a shark or stung by a jelly fish. I paddled out into deeper waters, deep enough that I couldn’t touch but it only came up to Badge’s shoulder’s, if that. Paddling whilst lying on the board was much trickier than I had imagined. Navigating the waves whilst trying to maintain balance and also paddle is actually quite challenging. Once the right wave came along, Badge would line me up and push the board onto the wave, I would then attempt to stand up. Out of the 6 waves I caught, I stood up for 4 before either running out of speed and sinking or dramatically flopping into the water only to be dragged along by my ankle which was still attached to the board. All things considered, this went much better than I had expected and I can’t wait to try surfing again.

Later on in the day I decided to get a souvenir to remember my time in a Noosa. Not an ordinary souvenir however, I thought a new piercing would be a great constant reminder of my stay so went of to the tatto shop and got my conch piercing. It hurt a lot less than I thought it would which was a pleasant surprise. I’m not used to doing something spontaneous like this, I thought about getting my helix piercing for years before I actually got it done.

The rest of my morning was spent looking for a good book to read from a second hand bookshop and reading whilst trying to make my cappuccino last as long as possible to maximise my time spent in the comfy coffee shop chair. At around midday I said my goodbyes and caught my bus up to Rainbow beach ready for my next adventure.

Noosa has been incredible as ever, experiencing it as a backpacker isreally different but I loved having the freedom to do and see whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to.


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